El-Björn förvärvar Vohek Oy

Connecting Capital

El-Björn has acquired Vohek Oy

Anderstorp (Sweden), 30 November 2018 – El-Björn have signed an agreement to acquire Vohek Oy (“Vohek”), Finland’s leading manufacturer of power distribution centers for temporary use. Terms of the transaction are not disclosed.

“We are strengthening our offer on the Finnish market through the acquisition of Vohek. We look forward to welcoming Vohek to the El-Björn family, and are convinced that the acquisition will prove to be positive for both businesses”, said Sören Sjöö, Managing Director, El-Björn.

“We searched for a competent and serious buyer of the company after 10 years as owners, which is true for El-Björn”, said the two owners of Vohek, Tomi Nikkola and Toni Rehnbeck.

Financial Solutions has been the sellers’ financial advisor.

About El-Björn
El-Björn is the leading Nordic provider of temporary solutions in power, lightning and climate control for professional users. Through local subsidiaries, El-Björn sells its product in Sweden, Norway, Finland and the UK. Headquartered in Anderstorp, Sweden, the El-Björn group has an annual turnover of more than SEK 300m and around 105 employees. For more information: www.elbjorn.com

Connecting Capital is a Swedish investment company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and is the majority owner of El-Björn since November 2016. For more information: www.connectingcapital.se

About Vohek
Vohek manufactures power distribution centers and sub centers for temporary use for construction sites and factories as well as group centers for small houses. Vohek has invested in quality, usability and safety of all Vohek products. Quality materials ensure the high level of durability and transferability of Vohek centers. Each Vohek center is tested before leaving the factory. All models are certified by SGS Fimko and comply with all latest EURO norms.

More than 30 years of experience in the assembly market in Finland, provides Vohek with a strong background for product development. Based on feedback from customers, Vohek has designed its current product portfolio for various industrial needs. Headquartered in Lieto, Finland, Vohek has an annual turnover of more than EUR 3m and around 15 employees. For more information: www.vohek.fi



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