Connecting Capital has its roots in a traditional Swedish industrial company, Allmänna Brandredskapsaffären (ABA – the General Fire Equipment Store), which was founded as far back as in 1896. Over three generations, the company grew strong, evolving from a small manufacturing business into a large global industrial player. Following the divestment of the holding in ABA, the capital built up works on through Connecting Capital.

The first generation
Allmänna Brandredskapsaffären was established in 1896 by Edwin Bergström, the inventor of the standard fire hose coupling, which is required by law in several countries.

The second generation
ABA branches out into fire equipment in general, steel piping, couplings and hose clamps. Production is based at Wattholma Bruk in Sweden and in the Netherlands.

The third generation
The company focuses on hose clamps, considerably extending its range. Operations are established in the US and China. Market growth through company acquisitions. ABA merges with the German company Norma.

The fourth generation
In 2009, Connecting Capital was established, built on the equity generated through the former ownership of ABA.

Our name
The name Connecting Capital is of importance as it reminds us of our origins. Today, we establish connections between generations, capital, individuals and companies, which recalls our original work with connectors.

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