Corporate Group

Connecting Capital is a Swedish limited liability company and operations are conducted without time constraints, with investment horizons that vary depending on the development and needs of holdings. Our overarching investment strategy is based on long-term ownership whereby additional value is generated over time by bringing together knowledge, competence and capital.

Connecting Capital Sweden
Connecting Capital Sweden invests in unlisted companies, with varying ownership shares and degrees of maturity.

Connecting Capital’s business concept is to invest in well-managed companies with sound underlying operations. The companies we acquire face a process of change in which we are able to contribute additional value generation through active and responsible ownership, as well as capital. Connecting Capital conducts its operations as a limited liability company and does not impose time constraints on its investments. Value shall be generated through acquisitions, development, mergers and divestments. Connecting Capital shall focus on value generation by means of long-term investments in stable and well managed companies with strong cash flow.

Connecting Capital Real Estate
In addition to our direct investments, we also make investments in real estate, primarily commercial ones.

Connecting Capital Invest
Within the company Connecting Capital Invest, asset management is conducted in collaboration with market-leading investment banks.

Connecting Capital Ventures
Within the company Connecting Capital Ventures we invest in unmature companies (Venture Capital) and minority ownership.