About us

Connecting Capital is a Swedish investment company that conducts operations in the form of a limited liability company with no time constraints on its investments. We focus on establishing productive and long-term relations as a foundation for long-term industrial generation of value through active and committed ownership. Connecting Capital’s values can be summarised in the key concepts listed below.

Connecting Capital’s industrial and financial competence, combined with the expertise of our network, contributes to the development of our portfolio companies. To achieve the greatest possible growth, we are keen to develop a common agenda and strong collaboration. With our entrepreneurial origins, we recognise the importance of nurturing the values in holdings, both inherent and developed, while achieving growth.



Connecting Capital possesses in-depth industrial and financial competence, which is further reinforced by the knowledge and experience to be found within our network. Consequently, our principal contribution to the companies in which we invest consists of competence, networks and capital.

Connecting Capital works in close collaboration with its portfolio companies. Our role as owners is based on committed and long term cooperation with entrepreneurs, company management and/or other shareholders. We strive to develop the specific challenges and opportunities of each portfolio company. Strategic, operational and financial targets are established and then continuously followed up and assessed. On the basis of areas that have been identified as offering opportunities for improvement or enhanced efficiency, decisions are reached in consultation with management on measures that will help the portfolio companies develop and grow.

Our role as active owners is also tangible in relation to day-to-day issues where we work in a dedicated manner as a support function for company management. Everyone within Connecting Capital has a background in family enterprise, which we consider an advantage and our strength. We know what it is like to be genuinely dedicated to the companies with which we live and are keenly aware of the issues facing entrepreneurs.

In our view, Connecting Capital, is as a good example of a company that has developed, in a positive way, from a small company into a major international group.